Marketing Opportunities

Enhance your presence at the ASHP Pharmacy Futures 2024 with one of these opportunities.

NOTE: Companies may not use the ASHP logo or name ASHP as a co-sponsor. Marketing materials promoting your event may not be distributed in any area of the convention center except within the exhibitor’s booth in the Exploration Hall.

Meeting Registration Bag Insert Service Cost

  • $3,350 for exhibiting companies;
  • $6,850 for non-exhibiting companies

ASHP will arrange for distribution of your product literature, special booth promotions, products and services, CE monographs, and press releases. The Meeting Registration Bag Insert will be distributed to attendees as they check in for the conference. The due date for approved preprinted materials is May 22.

For more information, contact J. Spargo at [email protected].

Sponsorship Opportunity: Sophia the AI Robot

This year’s ASHP Pharmacy Futures 2024 meeting will include ASHP's first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) summit — a topic that will be integrated throughout the entire event, including as part of high-profile keynote addresses, educational content, poster and pearl sessions, and the exhibit program. The integration of the AI summit into the meeting will allow pharmacy leaders, managers, practitioners, and innovators to collaborate and explore the impactful integration of AI in healthcare.

To amplify and enhance the AI experience for all attendees, Sophia the Humanoid, an AI robot from Hanson Robotics, will be a key feature of the Pharmacy Futures meeting. As a unique combination of science, engineering, and artistry, Sophia is simultaneously a human-crafted science fiction character depicting the future of AI and robotics, and platform for advanced robotics and AI research.

Through a sponsorship of Sophia, we invite you to participate in a unique way in this brand-new, dynamic ASHP event which brings together pharmacy practitioners, practice leaders, and preceptors to explore the cutting edge of pharmacy practice, to collaborate and innovate, and shape the future of the practice.

Contact: Martha Crews at [email protected]

ASHP Preregistration Lists and Online Symposia Links

Get the word out. Send pre-meeting, direct-mail promotions to everyone who have opted in to on our preregistrant list. (Order by May 20 to ensure delivery.) Check out the ASHP list rental form below for details. If you’re sponsoring a symposium, you may purchase links on our website to pages that provide additional program details including session agendas, speakers, objectives, and a link for online registration.

Contact: Marketing at 301-664-8757 or [email protected]. 

Press/Media Information

ASHP meetings are covered by a broad range of healthcare media. To receive a list of media outlets that send representatives to ASHP meetings, please contact Jocelyn Milford. Exhibitors wishing to distribute media kits to registered press should contact the Communications staff for approval.

Communications Contact: Jocelyn Milford at 301-664-8799 or [email protected]